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1 Hour Massage

Hair Services

Cut, Wash & Style

Mens & Clipper

Kids Cuts

Hair up-do's

Beard Trimming

Perms & Relaxers

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Partial Foil

Full Foil

Bleach & Tone

Nail Services

Advanced Manicure: $25

Full Set Silk Nails: $45

Spa Pedicure: $45

Add Ons Available

Skin Care

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The students of Alaska Academy Of Advanced Cosmetology & Massage Institute offer great salon services at great prices. All services are performed by either basic or advanced students and supervised by licensed professionals. The View Spa is an instructor supervised facility for our students to perfect their skills with professional support. Please check back often to see updated services.

For all our hair care products we are proud to use LOMA products made in the USA. We are excited to be teaching our aesthetic students with 2 national award winning, treatment based product lines which have no animal testing. Both PCA and SkinScript were created by aestheticians to design effective, results oriented skin care products for professional and homecare use. With these products and our training students are assured of a first-class learning experience and the ability to perform fantastic facials and treatments in our student spa. Our skin is not only the largest organ of the body; it is also what we see in the mirror every day. It is essential to nourish and take care of it not only to ensure the continued benefits our skin gives us, but also to reflect the beauty we hold inside. Facial treatments can target specific skin concerns as well as improve circulation, eliminate toxins, and replace moisture that the environment and poor quality products take away from otherwise healthy skin. If your face is oily or dry, young or old, has some breakouts or wrinkles; or is simply perfect and you want to relax with maintenance care—schedule your facial today. Our students will consult with you so you can relax and receive a facial customized just for you.


Advanced Manicure: $25

Full Set Silk Nails $45

Add ons available


Spa Pedicure: $45

Haircut Services

Kids and First-time Walk-ins

Men’s and Clipper Cuts

Cut, Wash, and Style

Colors, Perms, Relaxers

Cut & Color Options

Clipper Cut

Cut & Style

Shampoo & Cut

Shampoo, Cut & Style

Touch up Color


Full Color

Full Color with Highlight/Lowlight

Cut and Color package: Shampoo, cut, color, highlight/lowlight and style

Styling Options

Permanent wave w/Cut

Finger wave

Pin Curl


Glamtastic Package

Shampoo, cut, color, highlight/lowlight and wave or updo.

Skinscript Facials

Skin Script facials treat all skin types and ethnicities with natural yet clinical and paraben free products designed to achieve remarkable results. Includes: thorough cleanse, skin analysis, extractions (if applicable), enzyme exfoliation, 1 serum/mask, moisturizer, SPF; face, hand and scalp/shoulder massage. 55-60 min

PCA Facials

PCA facials have nutritive and innovative products for all skin types and ethnicities; created to give you a highly effective professional treatment with excellent results. Includes: thorough cleanse, skin analysis, extractions (if applicable), mask, select serums, moisturizer, SPF; face and scalp/shoulder massage. 55-60 min

Foot/Hand massage and additional serum available

Please tell us your concerns or which type of facial you are interested in when making your appointment. Hydrations, Sun Damage, Melasma, Uneven Tone, Aging/Wrinkling, Acne, Dry, Oily, Rosacea.


The first written records of massage therapy were found in China and Egypt, dating back thousands of years to ancient cultures who believed in it's medical benefits. Massage can be a powerful tool used to promote balance and maintain both internal and external health. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension in addition to helping relieve anxiety, injuries, and promote overall wellness.

Product Lines


“Healthy skin is beautiful skin. “ Not only does PCA have wonderful professional treatments and home care, they also specialize in friendlier chemical peels for deeper exfoliation and healthier skin.

Skin Script Rx

“Dedicated to beautiful skin.” Nature meets science in skin care with excellent nature based professional and home care products; Specializing in plant enzymes for deeper exfoliation to bring out your natural healthy glow.

NuFree w/Finipil

NuFree was developed to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. This unique botanical product looks like yet is not a soft wax therefore it will not stick to the skin and can be erased for error free application. Used with Finnipil aftercare to protect from ingrown and redness, your waxing experience and end results will be smooth.